Thursday, September 12, 2013

My health update (a post from Winston)

My parents claim the last month has been tough on them. Well, I ask you two, how would you like life if your parents ignored your whining, your world was just large enough to turn around in, and your view had a constant grid overlay?!?
Psh. You got nothing on my crate rest. Anyway, we went back to the doctor today. She is very nice. She says I am handsome, so she is obviously very intelligent. She was really pleased with my progress and I am FREE AT LAST!!! Yippee!  I'm supposed to shy away from high impact activities for another couple of months, so mom and dad have all my favorite chair cushions flipped up, but I have found me a home, to quote Jimmy Buffett.  I am happy to continue my rest where I should be. Unfortunately I also came down with a case of kennel cough as a result of my trip to the doctor, so I am not medication free quite yet.  Anyway, I am feeling much more like my old self. My legs are no longer drunken and I can once again lift my leg to answer pee mail. Life. Is. Awesome. 
Special shout out to all who came and visited me and sent me get well cards. It all helped me feel loved and get better quickly. 

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