Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Turn my black thumb green... or is that green eyes blue?

Regardless of how that song goes, I, the ever-optimistic Martha Stewart wannabe (well except nicer), am attempting bringing some more plants into Turnberry Love.  A local boutique style plant place had these beautiful planters on sale a while back.  Mom and Dad directed us to them, and we decided on a cream one for the dining room and a teal one for the great room.  I grew up with a green-thumb mom, one who still has plants as old as her marriage, so I feel like the house is bare without green.  However, I am oh-so-talented at killing plants.  On the upswing, though, I've managed to keep an asparagus fern very much alive and am even getting new growth on my Christmas Cactus!  So, this weekend, we finally made it to our favorite plant place.  I walked up and asked one of the lovely ladies there to pick some plants out for me that I won't kill.  She chose some beauties that, after a little snuggling in with fresh potting soil, ended up looking like this:

This beauty is headed for the dining room table as soon as I get the RIGHT sized clear saucer for it.  I bought a little one thinking it would be the perfect size.  The pot crushed it.  Whoops.

And then, for the piece de resistence, we added a little drama with a peace lily and another plant I supposedly can't kill.  We'll see.

This one has settled in and appears to be loving its new home next to the piano!

We managed to fill the weekend up quite a bit, so I'll be back with more updates as soon as I get some time =)  Ohhhh and we have the hook!

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