Sunday, October 27, 2013

The dining room complete!

We have another room that I would call complete!  The dining room has now been fully re-floored, re-lighted, re-painted, and, now, re-draped!

So, we started out with this:

And when we first moved in, we'd done the floors, and mom had painted the upper half of the walls, and dad had helped us change out the can light for a chandelier...

We bought a new table and nice chairs, and during an Ikea trip, we found these inexpensive "drapes" to absorb some of the sound and give it a grander look...

But we knew that was a temporary fix, and this summer, we were over the slightly sheer purple wonders.  We took them down, and the room felt so open.  Unfortunately, everything echoed in a major way.  So, we set out to find new drapery fabric.  I went to 1502 with my mother-in-law and found fabric we loved.  Unfortunately, it was $38/yard.  We have 9 foot ceilings.  That translates into a minimum of 18 yards of fabric.  You do the math.  I'll give you a hint.  It equals : no thanks, not right now.  Then, on our anniversary trip, we found a wonderful compromise fabric.  It had the strong lines I'd hoped for and the metallics hubby was set on.  As I showed you before, I did these suckers the right way.  And, I have to say, I think it has paid off.  Big time.  New paint on the top and bottom, new floors, new light, new "adult" furniture, and new drapes!

*Rubs nails on shirt*  Yup, pretty proud of this girl who set out to make the drapes her mom was going to pay someone to make for her and who did a pretty darned good job for not really knowing what the heck she was doing =)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Welcome home!

After a fun week with these guys


I came home to a sick hubby who was still working hard on his day off!  Last weekend, I planted pansies in the front of the house. We decided to line the walkway with monkey grass to try to protect it from the weight of the professional lawn mowers. We are pretty sure that has been contributing to the cracked mortar we have to have fixed in a couple of weeks.  Over the past week, he's been digging up along the sidewalk, and yesterday, he planted the monkey grass and spread a light layer of pine needles. I think it's so welcoming, don't you?

From this...

To this!!

I'm also a big fan of the flowers from our wedding were still using :) and the pumpkins he bought me this year!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Yesterday, we celebrated 31 years of hubby's presence on this very earth.  What better way to do that than apple picking with one of our favorite families???

When they arrived, G-man got handed over, naturally =)  He looked too cute for words in his "I'm a 1 year old now" outfit!

Hubby was psyched when he found out the orchard not only had apples but apple cider, apple doughnuts, fried apple pies, apple bread...

In between sampling the delish apples straight from the trees (hey, gotta know what you're picking, right?), this adorbs family posed in front of one of the laden trees!

Greyson took his apple-picking duties super-seriously.

He even took some time to show hubby how it's done!

All that apple picking made us hungry, so for hubby's birthday, I whipped up possibly the best steak ever on our new grill.  It was such a great day spent together without any work on the house getting accomplished!  To many more, my man, to many more...  Cheers!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Draping the dining room

If you remember, we found exactly 18 yards of the perfect fabric in Wilmington. Well, it's time to put it to use!  The fam sounded SO rowdy at my birthday celebration because of the lack of fabric to dampen our shenanigans. 

I made my first panel and was shocked at how well it turned out. So, I decided I should show you what these puppies actually entail. I managed to finish 2 windows in a weekend. The house didn't get as clean, but they look GOOD. 

First, I cut 108 in lengths of fabric. This allowed for dinky hems for my 102 in panels, but I had to work with the amount of fabric available. 

Winston claimed to be helping. Not a big help there bud. 

No, seriously, Mom, I got your back.

Next, I turned down the top seam, doubled it over, ironed, and pinned it. 

The bottom hem was then turned over once and pressed. Then, it was back to the floor where I measured the fabric at either side and the middle, turning that bottom hem up to make the panel measure 102 in top to bottom. 

I cut the lining fabric to 102 in and double folded it for a bottom hem. Then I sewed up both bottom hems.

I pressed double folded side hems on the fabric. The fabric went back down on the floor, face side down, with the lining face side up on top. 

I pinned them together in the middle and smoothed them out, cutting the excess lining off the width. The lining went under the top and side seams, and those pins were moved to accommodate the extra fabric. 

Before I sewed up the side seams, I snuck a drapery weight in either bottom side of the drape panel and sewed it in.  Oh yeah, I'm going all professional here.

Next, I sewed in the fabric tape.  I gotta be honest; I watched one You Tube video and then consulted the mother-in-law, who had seen her mom do it.  I'm assuming I sewed the right places, since they gathered.  So, first, I smoothed the tape out along the top of the panels and pinned it in place.

I sewed in two places - in between each of the double rows...

Then, I started pulling and gathering and folding and fiddling.  

And clipped the folds with the clip that will hang up the drapes...

...and hooked them up.

Because the pleats need to continue down the entire panel, I pleated them about halfway down and tied them up to "train" them.

I look forward to posting a complete pic, but here's a sneak preview!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Starting the dining room curtains!

Hubby requested the very formal pinch pleat drapes.  Sure. I can totally do that...

I pulled out the trusty how to manual and got to figuring last night. 

There's tape made for that. You can also do faux ones using clips. Ding ding!  We shall see where that one goes.  Faux is my preferred method, i think :)

Meanwhile, the prep for either method is the same. So, I got to cutting the panels last night. 18 yards of fabric = 6 108 inch panels. That's some long measuring. It required the great room floor. And a helper. 

Ahem. Big help there, Winston. 

Yup. Huge help...

Anyway, 6 panels cut and ready for duty! On to the lining tonight maybe?