Saturday, October 12, 2013

Draping the dining room

If you remember, we found exactly 18 yards of the perfect fabric in Wilmington. Well, it's time to put it to use!  The fam sounded SO rowdy at my birthday celebration because of the lack of fabric to dampen our shenanigans. 

I made my first panel and was shocked at how well it turned out. So, I decided I should show you what these puppies actually entail. I managed to finish 2 windows in a weekend. The house didn't get as clean, but they look GOOD. 

First, I cut 108 in lengths of fabric. This allowed for dinky hems for my 102 in panels, but I had to work with the amount of fabric available. 

Winston claimed to be helping. Not a big help there bud. 

No, seriously, Mom, I got your back.

Next, I turned down the top seam, doubled it over, ironed, and pinned it. 

The bottom hem was then turned over once and pressed. Then, it was back to the floor where I measured the fabric at either side and the middle, turning that bottom hem up to make the panel measure 102 in top to bottom. 

I cut the lining fabric to 102 in and double folded it for a bottom hem. Then I sewed up both bottom hems.

I pressed double folded side hems on the fabric. The fabric went back down on the floor, face side down, with the lining face side up on top. 

I pinned them together in the middle and smoothed them out, cutting the excess lining off the width. The lining went under the top and side seams, and those pins were moved to accommodate the extra fabric. 

Before I sewed up the side seams, I snuck a drapery weight in either bottom side of the drape panel and sewed it in.  Oh yeah, I'm going all professional here.

Next, I sewed in the fabric tape.  I gotta be honest; I watched one You Tube video and then consulted the mother-in-law, who had seen her mom do it.  I'm assuming I sewed the right places, since they gathered.  So, first, I smoothed the tape out along the top of the panels and pinned it in place.

I sewed in two places - in between each of the double rows...

Then, I started pulling and gathering and folding and fiddling.  

And clipped the folds with the clip that will hang up the drapes...

...and hooked them up.

Because the pleats need to continue down the entire panel, I pleated them about halfway down and tied them up to "train" them.

I look forward to posting a complete pic, but here's a sneak preview!

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