Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Starting the dining room curtains!

Hubby requested the very formal pinch pleat drapes.  Sure. I can totally do that...

I pulled out the trusty how to manual and got to figuring last night. 

There's tape made for that. You can also do faux ones using clips. Ding ding!  We shall see where that one goes.  Faux is my preferred method, i think :)

Meanwhile, the prep for either method is the same. So, I got to cutting the panels last night. 18 yards of fabric = 6 108 inch panels. That's some long measuring. It required the great room floor. And a helper. 

Ahem. Big help there, Winston. 

Yup. Huge help...

Anyway, 6 panels cut and ready for duty! On to the lining tonight maybe?

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