Saturday, October 26, 2013

Welcome home!

After a fun week with these guys


I came home to a sick hubby who was still working hard on his day off!  Last weekend, I planted pansies in the front of the house. We decided to line the walkway with monkey grass to try to protect it from the weight of the professional lawn mowers. We are pretty sure that has been contributing to the cracked mortar we have to have fixed in a couple of weeks.  Over the past week, he's been digging up along the sidewalk, and yesterday, he planted the monkey grass and spread a light layer of pine needles. I think it's so welcoming, don't you?

From this...

To this!!

I'm also a big fan of the flowers from our wedding were still using :) and the pumpkins he bought me this year!

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an angry Bunnie said...

Hi Alexis..

I saw the baby and was like WHOA you had a kid.. then I remembered you said no kids...

Listen Nancy Hall says hi and to email her sometime