Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

How wonderful it is that our forefathers had the insight to set aside a day to be thankful!  We have had many gifts and blessings bestowed over the last year.  However, I must say that today I am most thankful for the reminders of the fragility of life that have decorated our lives.  What a breathtaking, sometimes joyful, and sometimes sorrowful reminder they have been.  This thing we call life can come or go at any moment, and if we live in the past or yearn constantly for the future, we miss really living.  However, particularly this year, we have been constantly reminded that the best thing we can do is just live and love.  So, as we all sit down with the ones we love or steal a few quiet moments before the insanity that is sure to come with cooking loads of food, let's promise to show our gratitude by living in the moment, soaking up life, and enjoying the food made tastier by the love with which it is prepared today.

Oh, and on this chilly morning, a cute sweater, working heat pump, snuggly down blanket, comfy couch, and the opportunity to snuggle with my mom while she does some work is pretty awesome, too.

Puppy kisses all around,

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