Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm a fan.

So, for Christmas, my parents gave hubby a fan.  Yes, that's right, almost a year ago.  We have had a floor fan in our bedroom since the day we moved in with plans to put in ceiling fans at some point.  Well, then, especially after my grumbling over his cooling techniques this summer, he decided he also needed one in his office.  Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, and we were FINALLY having the boxes for the fans installed.  My coworker's boyfriend is an electrician, and after our go-to electrician flaked on us not once, not twice, but three times (and he planned on coming at 7am on a SATURDAY, people, for one of those flakes), we decided to employ "Tank" to install the boxes for the fans and do a few more things.  So, hubby crawled up into the attic (can you find him?  He's in the pic below), cursing our incredible truss-work all the while.

However, after a couple of hours, the boxes were in, and new switches were added to the walls!  The most difficult part of the day was cutting into the wood floor to install a floor outlet for the sofa table.

No more tripping over the light cord or not being able to close the door to the printer!  Yippee!  

While the boys were working away, Erin and I also took on a mini-project.  With his bad back, we have had to modify all the sofas in our house so that Winston can step up onto them instead of jumping.  Trav brought an old stool from his grandmother's house.  I had some extra fabric, so we got to recovering it.  Erin helped me wrap the fabric around...

...and we closed the ends like a gift so that the top of the stool had nice crisp corners.  I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and Winston approved by using it after getting trained with following a treat up it only twice!  

On Sunday, hubby installed the fans.  Really.  I held a few things for a minute or so, and he was able to finish the install all on his own.  So impressive.  Now, we have the unique, more casual fan in his office...

And a more traditional and streamlined one in our bedroom so as to not compete with the bed...

And we are huge fans =)

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