Saturday, November 16, 2013

New chairs and the great coverup

So, I finally managed a good pictures of our NEW CHAIRS.  We spent quite a while searching for the perfect chair - comfy, swivels, and rocks.  Oh, and does all that without looking like it belongs in our neighbors' houses (aka in the home of someone 30+ years older than us).  We finally found them AND a fabric I have loved for ages that also happened to be this amazing Sunbrella fabric.  We ordered them, all excited (except for the whole spending money part - not so thrilling), and then we waited.  And waited.  And re-counted the weeks.  And then called to make sure the place we ordered them from was still in business (hey, you never know).  And then, one day, right before I went nawth, they came.  Things of beauty, I tell you.

And comfort.  One more problem, though.  So, you buy a new rug, and you don't like the old chairs.  You buy the new chairs, and suddenly... that ottoman you had recovered 8 years ago needs a new look.  I still love the tiger stripe, but... well...

Euck.  So, last weekend, in a search turned slightly desperate by Saturday morning, we found the perfect fabric.  I know my mom thought I was crazy, but as Karen (an interior decorator, after all) said, "Every room needs some whimsy."  So, there it was.  A lovely Ikat pattern.  A punch without being too in-yo-face.  The MIL helped me determine how much fabric to get - 3 yards.  And so I got to it as soon as the fabric was in my hands!

 I started by drawing out where I would make the cuts, since I had no pattern.  Then, I laid the fabric out, measured the top and sides, and cut with about a 2 inch addition to those measurements to make sure I would have enough fabric.  I hemmed the side panels and double stitched them.  Then, I sewed the four sides together.

The four sides stayed wrong side out and got slid back over the ottoman.  Then I pinned the top piece of fabric print-side-down on the ottoman.  Yup, literally stuck pins through that fabric into the ottoman.  I pinned all the straight sides of the top to the skirt that was also pinned to the ottoman. Then, I started sewing.

 When I got to the corners, which are slightly rounded, I gathered with 1 pleat and kept trucking.  Then, I turned it inside out and held my breath.  Holy smokes.  It worked.

In fact, it looked so good, that hubby had the great idea that I should make the mini-version of it on the small stool we recently covered.  I went through the same process all over again.  I finished both in one day that had a BUNCH of other things occupying it.  I was pretty darned proud!!!

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