Thursday, January 2, 2014

The year in review...

I know, it's kind of been a while.  Well, we've been busy, just not necessarily always at Turnberry Love.  I promise to show some pictures of what we've been up to soon.  In the meantime, Happy New Year!  Happy New Year?  Excuse me, did 2013 happen?

I read a lot of "Thankful 2013 is over" and "2013 was really tough, glad it's gone" comments on the good ole' Facebook.  Well, I'm glad I had it and I'm thankful for all the experiences.  Yes, it was a challenging year, but has anyone actually had a year that wasn't challenging?  And, with all those challenges came such wonderful rewards.  Let's take a moment and be thankful, shall we?

January 2013: We worked on the Jack and Jill bathroom and blocked off our hallway to experiment with various house configurations.  We also got snow.  We also made it 1 year without Grandma in our lives.

February 2013: My husband made our bed.  Major moment. =) We took a little mini-vacation, and it snowed in Myrtle Beach.  I hosted a bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law and met an awesome photographer, who documented it all beautifully.  Jack and Jill bathroom still in progress...

March 2013: We began the great "move furniture around for fun on Fridays" theme that lasted the rest of the year and gave some much needed TLC to our first home together.  We also celebrated 13 years since our first kiss, parents' birthdays, and the wonderful news that my bother and future sister-in-law would be staying in W-S for residency!

April 2013: Grandma's dining room table became furniture re-done in our dining room, and I ran the Cooper River Bridge run in my fastest 10K time yet (would have been faster, but people were pooping out all in front of me).

May 2013: I began the unveiling my first real quilt, square by square, which I made with love for the new Rejeski family and gave to them at their wedding.  My brother married a wonderful woman.  I cried a lot this month.  My baby brother was all grown up and entering a new stage of his life... so happy for him and yet such a bittersweet moment, too...

June 2013: We built our closet out and bought a massive 4-poster bed.  Our first house sold.  Yup, you guessed it, I cried again.

July 2013: We stayed busy.  We put in a new back door, painted rent houses, and bought a huge rug for the living room after LOTS of searching.

August 2013: Tragedy struck Turnberry Love.  Winstonian was diagnosed with a bulging disc.  We were heartbroken.  And so began a long journey of recovery and little sleep.

September 2013: We celebrated 4 years of marriage, took a *real* vacation, and looked back on all our progress - in the house, our marriage, and personally.

October 2013: I made my first set of real drapes.  I went nawth.  Travis experienced apple-picking for the first time.  Great memories were made with special friends.

November 2013: We got our new chairs, I entered the world of real slip-covers, we got fans installed... and then tragedy struck again, in the form of taking a life too early, affecting a dear dear friend, and in another dear friend losing a loved one to a long battle.  It made us all hug a little tighter, stand a little closer, live in the moment a little longer.

December 2013: What the heck did we do in December?  Ah yes, focus was really on our next project, which I tease will come soon.  I don't have nearly as good of a log of it, but I'll see what I can do.  And, we welcomed our niece into the world.  I am a legit "aunt" now.  Crazy =)

So, cheers, 2013.  Thank you for the good, the bad, the ugly, and the wonderful.  You shaped us to be who we are in 2014, and we look forward to all the promise 2014 holds!

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