Sunday, February 16, 2014

Because painting your cabinets navy... 10 pm on a Sunday is completely normal, right? Especially if you're just testing out the color. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Mirror mirror...

Hubby found these vintage mirrors at a local consignment shop. We (Sherry, hubby, and I) decided they'd be pretty cool in the new hall bathroom of Sherry's new house!

So while Sherry is off playing with her new grand baby (hi Evie!), I set out to paint them while hubby worked on the install of the faucets. 

So, I borrowed some of Mom's chalk paint and got to work making them awesome. I am apparently too slow, so hubby offered to help once we got the countertop placed in the bathroom (well that and I had a horrible Reynauds attack and lost feeling in my hands). 

I think they look pretty awesome!!

Aaand the bathroom, well, we are pretty impressed with ourselves =)

(From the doorway)

(From the shower)

So the second bathroom is almost done! All we have left is the mirrors and some towel bars!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The downside to marrying Mr. Fixit.

I got so excited that our fan on our bathroom was broken. It's old. It's unsightly. We could buy a nice one with a heater function that actually works!

Except that Mr. Fixit came to the rescue. 

And the fan now works perfectly. Yay?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Why we've been so quiet...

So, I know my weekly or bi-weekly blogging has really slowed down.  Well, there's a reason for that; our attention has been turned from Turnberry Love to an August Day.  You see, there's this house where my mother-in-law grew up, where my husband grew up, and where we all spent a LOT of time with one another and Grandma (and they with Paw-Paw).  It is now Sherry's house, and our goal is to have Sherry celebrate Easter in her new house.  Now, while Grandma's house was perfect for her, and while hubby cut his teeth on the whole renovation thing at her house, the majority of the house was close to original condition (or, in the case of the first floor bathroom, a halfway remodel to make it work for Grandma when she broke her hip).  I admit it, I have done a terrible job of keeping track of this remodel.  Hubby and Sherry spend more time there than I do (Turnberry Love does still require cleaning and whatnot, you know), and I get distracted when I get there and am too tired when I leave to remember to take pictures!  So, here's a brief rundown of what we've been up to...

We ripped out all the carpet... on every floor (and painted the new craft room, below, green)

Every wall and ceiling has a new coat of paint... the guest room, thanks to conspiring between Sherry and my mom, is "Wild Watermelon"

We have torn down or plastered over all remaining wallpaper... this particular hall literally took me 3 weekends with a steamer (and the walls in the main part of the house are "Creamy Mushroom," our new favorite neutral!).

Hubby tore down the old paneling in the den and put up new sheetrock.  He also redid all the trim and updated the built-ins... once the new mantle is painted, I'll share that, too!

The garage was turned into a purple-people-eater color, and hubby set up shop with some of the larger, messier equipment (like his new fancy tile saw)...

The first floor bathroom was once a powder room next to a half staircase to the kitchen.  When Grandma broke her hip years ago, we took over that half staircase (there's another one from the hallway to the adjoining living room) and turned the powder room into a full handicapped accessible bathroom.  The shower stall fit where the stairs were.  However, in the interest of time and $$$ (she was ready to come home before we could lay tile because we were renovating while visiting her daily), hubby threw a pedestal sink and sticky tiles in there.  Even the door was never really finished. It worked, served its purpose, and allowed her to live on 1 level that was accessible with no stairs.  This was the first bathroom attacked, and it's the first complete room in the house.  It has a new tile floor, painted walls (Almond Wisp), new trim, the door was moved and a real door jamb installed, and a new vanity was installed.  I think it looks great!  I'll be sure to take better "after" pictures when the house is done, but this gives you an idea...

You can pretend the power tools are fancy towels or something :)  The second bathroom under attack is the hall bath.  It was the "blue" bathroom - blue tile halfway up the walls, a built-in cabinet to accommodate the bulkhead of the stairs going from the kitchen to the den, and carpet over old tile.  So, since we've taken the stairs out, hubby put in flooring throughout the bath.  This particular bathroom had been demoed when Grandma broke her hip, because we were going to re-do it for her as a birthday gift (she broke her hip on her birthday).  Over the years, I had finished pulling the tile out of the shower surround (we didn't need it since hubby was living in the master bedroom there and she was on the bottom floor with the new bathroom), and it was left with semi-damaged walls.  Hubby pulled down the tile around the entire room and put up bead board (which we first painted creamy mushroom and then white).  

Nice fluorescent fixture, don't you think?  Then, he got to tiling the floor...

And the top half was painted...

And then he tiled the shower enclosure!  Here's Sherry practicing soaking in her tub...

Friday night, we brought the new cabinet up.  Bringing up the granite top for said cabinet is not going to be fun =)  

Meanwhile, hubby gave me the awesomely fun and dusty job of tearing out (down to the studs) the master bathroom.  It's a small space.  You walk in and there's a pedestal sink and toilet on your left.  On your right is a walk-in shower (er, was).  Hubby painted the tile over a decade ago.  It's a little claustrophobic when you get in there, I think.  So, the plan is to rip out that whole shower area and do an open shower with a glass sliding door.  And so it began...

I started delicately chipping off the tile.  It took forever.  Hubby walked in, looked at the condition of the wall, and sledge-hammered it.  UM YES PLEASE.  So much fun.

Can't you see me smiling?

After the shower walls were down, the drywall also had to get stripped off, and it's already starting to look bigger!

Friday night, the destruction continued with me ripping out the rest of the drywall in the room (it's a small room, and it will actually be easier and faster to re-drywall than to rip down the wallpaper and try to fix the walls).  I have never seen anyone use so many nails in all my years.  Good.  Lord.

So, you see, we've been a little busy.  We've got to finish the bathrooms, get flooring installed, install a brand-new kitchen, and then work on the outside of the house.  There's painting and lots of landscape to tackle out there!  It's just been too chilly!