Friday, February 7, 2014

Mirror mirror...

Hubby found these vintage mirrors at a local consignment shop. We (Sherry, hubby, and I) decided they'd be pretty cool in the new hall bathroom of Sherry's new house!

So while Sherry is off playing with her new grand baby (hi Evie!), I set out to paint them while hubby worked on the install of the faucets. 

So, I borrowed some of Mom's chalk paint and got to work making them awesome. I am apparently too slow, so hubby offered to help once we got the countertop placed in the bathroom (well that and I had a horrible Reynauds attack and lost feeling in my hands). 

I think they look pretty awesome!!

Aaand the bathroom, well, we are pretty impressed with ourselves =)

(From the doorway)

(From the shower)

So the second bathroom is almost done! All we have left is the mirrors and some towel bars!

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