Saturday, March 22, 2014

A new welcome!

The plan has always been to de-popcorn our ceilings, room-by-room.  The plan has also been, recently, to change over our paint colors.  Our current paint colors are based on the simple fact that the molding in the house was that color when we moved in.  It was easier at that point in time.  However, we've really been gravitating toward the grays lately.  If you remember, the back room of our first house was painted this lovely grey-taupe color (I picked it out to go with the window coverings I made for there), which we discovered was pretty much "Creamy Mushroom" when we re-painted the interior of that house in preparation for sale.  That same Creamy Mushroom was used in a rent house and then in my brother and sister-in-law's house and then in my mother-in-law's house.  We love this color.  It looks great (and different) everywhere.  So, if he was going to be re-doing the ceilings, which means repainting the trim... it's a perfect time to transform our walls and slap some Creamy Mushroom up there!

Last weekend, he started scraping the ceilings in the front entryway and front hallway.  It went really quickly, and he did a really good job keeping the mess contained.  All you do is wet the popcorn and scrape!  He started out holding a pan under the area he was scraping, but that was taking a long time. He gave up, covered the floor with disposable tarps, and went to it!

Then, he had to patch a couple of spots (mostly where he had accidentally gouged the ceiling with the scraping knife) and sand.  Famous last words: I really don't think this will make much of a mess.  Ahem.  He put up a plastic sheet in the doorway to the great room, but that was it.  

There was dust.  EVERYWHERE.  Correction: after about 50 floor washes, there is STILL DUST EVERYWHERE.  =)

Ahem.  But, see, he did a really nice job - covered the floor and taped up everything so he could protect it as much as possible.

I was working on another project in the next room.  And then I heard "I hate this".  He was covered.  He started out with safety glasses, but those are basically useless, since the dust came down and quickly obscured his vision.  

Once that was done, he gave the ceiling a couple of coats of white paint and started on the entryway walls...

Wow.  Doesn't that door look ugly now?!?  This morning, I was enjoying the new, incredibly bright view from the couch, daydreaming about the color moving into the great room.

Meanwhile, Winston was helping hubby finish up painting the trim work.

After 3 electrocutions replacing enough of the sockets to allow us to move back furniture (it was too dark, and changing them all by the light of my cellphone was not in the cards... that's why the light switch looks black in the picture below), we were ready to bring everything back into the room tonight.  OHH!!!  One more surprise.  I have been asking to paint the inside of our front door the same color as it is on the outside.  That happened today.  We LOVE it.  And without further adieu... 

The door in the picture will be white, but it's oil, so it will have to wait a bit longer...

And, if you look beyond the new, you will see the before in the hallway, which is next on the list to change (as you can see by the drop cloth on the floor).

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