Sunday, March 9, 2014

Our bedroom furniture is growing up!

For some reason, having "real" quality furniture in our bedroom is making us feel like "real grownups" these days.  We headed out to High Point to Theodore Alexander a few weeks ago while we were fabric shopping.  Hubby has been looking for a side table for his side of the bed.  It had to be pretty small, and everything we've been seeing has been pricey but poor quality.  Then there was this:

We actually saw this quite some time ago, but at the time, it was too pricey for us to seriously consider.  This particular weekend, however, it was marked down an additional 50%.  Again, it just perfectly fit in my trunk - SOLD!  We are really getting into mixing in mid-century modern pieces with super-traditional stuff.  We loved the wood grain on it, and it's hiding a full charging station!  We think it looks great next to the bed.

Oh, wait, are those new lamps?  Why, yes they are!  Mom found some Drexel Heritage lamps at TJMaxx, and hubby just happened to be there because it was next to where he had to buy the chalk paint for the dining room chairs.  Those beauties are clear glass, although the picture does weird things to them.  We also finally gave away our black bedside table, because we had to do some major room rearranging.  The tall chest of drawers to the left of the bed no longer looked right.  The armoire looked better in the office.  So, a table from the office found its way in to serve as a place holder until we can get another bedside table.

So, hubby called up Theodore and was told they were getting in another shipment the following weekend.  Of course, they did not have another bedside table for us to snatch up...  but what they did have was a real grown-up dresser.  Folks, the dirty secret in this house was that my clothes were half in the office.  The tall chest of drawers held some little things.  So, any time I had to get dressed, I was running all over the house collecting things.  Extra exercise, sure... convenient if anyone ever showed up to go somewhere before I was ready?  Not so much.  Well, there she was.  She was pricey, but considerably less pricey than if we bought her retail.  And she was beautiful and such a presence.  We took measurements, called back, and asked them to hold her.  I got worried when the two big huge guys kept her on the dolly as absolutely long as possible.  Oh, and there was a mirror to go with her that was also an incredible deal.  

Sure enough, we got home, unloaded the mirror, and hubby lifted an edge of her.  He promptly grunted and informed me "we're going to need your Dad and Adam".  Awesome.  Well, the boys swooped in to save the day.  The Harrelsons showed up (a nine-months-pregnant Ang was in charge of Winston), mom and dad showed up, and Trav showed back up with moving pads and a dolly.  I cleared the way, and we got moving.  Thanks to the braun, she arrived safe and sound in our bedroom.  

The inlay echoes the inlay of the mahogany on our headboard.  There is SO. MUCH. ROOM. in this dresser.  It's quite tall and very long with a slight curve.  We discovered an important fact: we cannot completely close off the hallway to the master bedroom.  She doesn't fit through the side door.  We had to take her all the way down the long hallway to get her in.  The next adventure was hanging the mirror.  It's heavy.  Over 50lbs.  So, hubby set out to get hangers, and we put a bunch in the wall.  We just didn't feel right about it, and when we got in bed, we heard a dingggggg of one of the metal hangers, got worried, and took it down.  After consulting dad about the hangers he had used for heavy mirrors and removing the speaker box from the wall and patching it, hubby re-hung the mirror.  It's there to stay, now!

Added bonus?  That big, huge lamp doesn't look out of place any more!  

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