Monday, March 10, 2014

Stepping up to the challenge

So Sherry's original staircase was slightly curved and had this weird little section to one side that was floor that collects dust.  We decided to make the stairs go all the way to the wall. After thinking about it, she and hubby decided that it might be too challenging and that she could live with the weird little floor space. Pshaw, I say. 

So we started by drawing stairs on the wall. 

And then hubby realized his version wouldn't work. So I used a long board, to line up where the faces of the stairs should go, and hubby made marks. From there, we were able to get the angle of the stairs. 

So from the wall, he transferred the measurements to the board and we got to cutting. 

From there, we had to make a few more minor cuts to make it work, and we declared it "good enough" and he screwed (and then when he realized his last bit was stripped, nailed) the new stringer to the wall. 

There was also a fault in the original stringer, so we had to cut plywood to reinforce that side too. 

And by we, I mean I held the boards. Et voila!!!

The original staircase and our added stringer... They line up and are all ready for stairs!!

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