Saturday, March 8, 2014

The great cover-up

I am so behind.  Thanks to a cold rendering me less active than normal, I'm hoping to catch up!  First up, we found a super-cute slipper chair while perusing a local consignment shop a couple of weeks ago.  It was a floor sample, new, and really inexpensive!  Yippee!  It just barely fit in the back of my car, so clearly it was meant to be.  However, similar to "If you give a mouse a cookie...", if you buy a new chair for the kitchen, you're going to need new shades.  And if you buy a new chair for the kitchen, that little ottoman is going to need some TLC.  See?  It just doesn't go any more.

So, we headed out on a fabric shopping adventure one weekend with my parents.  You know my dad LOVES fabric shopping.  Hah.  Anyway, we found the perfect fabric for the shades in the kitchen - more on those later once I actually order the fabric (I found it online for $12 less/yard than the store but haven't ordered it yet).  We also found a great bright lime-y green upholstery fabric to kick up the ottoman (which I bought years ago when first furnishing my house for... drumroll please... $15 at an employee sale).  Mom suggested I have our seamstress make a slip cover.  But, I like sewing and these puppies can be whipped up in no time flat (and me making the slip cover = mucho cheaper than paying someone).  So, after searching out some navy piping (thanks to the mother-in-law for finally finding it for me - Hobby Lobby had every color except navy!), I got to it.  

It was pretty simple.  I cut the top piece out using the ottoman flipped over as my pattern.  Then, I pinned it to the top of the ottoman and (over) pinned the cording around the edges.  That got sewn on...

I measured the circumference of the ottoman and the length and cut a second piece out, giving myself plenty of room for a sturdy hem and room to play in the attaching part.  I carefully measured out the fabric, pressing and pinning as I went, so I had a nice straight hemline.

Once hemmed, I put it around the ottoman, pinned it in place again, and pinned where I needed to sew it up.  Once I had that done, it went back on the ottoman, and it and the top got-repinned to the ottoman.  Basically, the ottoman got to act like my dress form.  

After lots more excessive pinning to make sure it all got sewn together, hubby asked how it was going.  He got a mumbled response that "we will see".  I was a little nervous about that final step.  However, I turned it right side out et voila!

Once we switched the position of the chairs, we decided the bucket chair will remain a keeper for now (we were worried it needed to be smaller).  Then, last weekend, we walked into another furniture sample sale (oh, how I love living close to High Point), and there was a pillow.  Not just any pillow, but the pillow made out of the fabric I want to use for our new valances.  Love at second site.  I think it also really pulls the two chairs together, too.

Order just placed for the valence fabric... stay tuned =)

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