Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A big announcement!

Well, our realtor just happened to text me on Sunday about a house he was doing an open house for.  We managed to sneak over - just a few streets away - and take a look.  The house has wonderful charm.

The yard isn't too big (and a lot of it is covered in ivy), so not much more yard work for hubby.  The moldings in the house are beautiful, and there are built-ins everywhere.

There's lots of updating to be done!

So, we talked it over and have put an offer in on the house - just waiting to hear if it was accepted!
Fingers crossed!

Or maybe just an April's Fool =) Did I get ya?  We did look at the house, and it is charming, and it does need a LOT of updating... but it is ever so (more than) slightly out of our price range - haha!  Obviously, we aren't done with where we are, silly!

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