Saturday, April 26, 2014

An update from Winston

Hi everyone, while I am recovering from my latest dental procedure (now missing 5 teeth!!), I thought I'd give you an update on what mom and dad have been up to, other than worrying about me, obvi. 

Let's start back with my grandma Sherry's birthday weekend. It started Friday night and lasted alllll day and night Saturday. They put together 14 kitchen cabinets. The cabinets were from IKEA and arrived in over 100 flat boxes.  After some initial feelings of overwhelming flight or fight syndrome, they decided to fight. It was on Saturday that Sherry shared she considered the flight option. 

There were cabinets and drawers and feet and some laughter too. 

Like when Sherry and Mom realized they assembled the largest cabinet upside down. Whoops. 

But, by 11pm Saturday, I was hungry and they were DONE. 

After a trip to the beach...

Dad even went on the beach with me so I could get my paws in the sand. 

And the sunsets were pretty nice too. 

Mom made a "beach" quilt for friends with sunbrella fabric. 

Feeling rejuvenated, they were back at it, hanging the cabinets. And swearing they'd never do it again. In an old split level house, what you think may be a wooden stud at the bottom of the wall may not be that same stud at the top of the wall!  After some cursing though, they managed to get the uppers installed. The lowers were much easier and soon they were goofing off...

And posing in front of where the fridge will go...

And the sink and dishwasher...

And here's where the stove and microwave will go

So they're securing all the cabinets right now, and I do believe I am scheduled for my third nap of the day, these pain meds are getting the best of me, so if you don't mind...

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