Friday, May 30, 2014

Update on Sherry's house

We've been busy getting Sherry's house ready for the floors to be finished! Last Saturday, we went back to Greensboro to pick up her tile. It was so exciting, we blocked her out of the kitchen for the mosaic reveal!

Isn't it just something? We were pretty proud. It's level all the way up the wall! Our tile lady, Valerie, calculated very little excess, which made us nervous. We didn't need to be, though!  She was right on. 

Thursday night, hubby grouted the subway tile backsplash (the tile is fieldstone). Tonight, the grout is going up on the mosaic. Yippee!

The weird blue lines are the crummy painters tape I had to use to put up paper to protect the cabinets. 

Meanwhile, Sherry was trying to figure out blinds...

And her friend Richard was putting in the stove...

And before too long, this room started to look like an ultra modern kitchen!

With one happy mother in law =)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A place to put stuff

When you come home, you walk through the back door and into the kitchen. Our kitchen is a work in progress, but one thing that legitimately stresses me out is that "stuff" always ends up on the kitchen counter. We've tried leaving it on the built ins in the nook, but that's not very convenient (read: nothing actually ends up there). So, when we spotted this beautiful piece at the Theodore Alexander outlet, it didn't take much convincing from hubby to make me want to take it home. It's another mid-century modern piece that I think energizes our style and brings youth to our more traditional pieces. Its presence means that my running belt and arm band get moved from our closet floor, Winston's *ahem* bags get moved to a convenient location, and our little kitchen sitting area kind of feels finished!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Mom, with Love.

This is a creation a long time in the making.  It started last year.  Mom and Dad got pink and green striped chairs for their screened in porch, where they love sitting.  So, I decided to make a lap quilt for mom so she could enjoy an extended season out there.  Sitting out on our screened-in porch, talking about life under a puff is one of my favorite memories from our last house.  

Just like moms help us navigate life, the strips were attached end-to-end and then side-to-side...

And after hours of labor, a couple of spools of thread, several poked fingers… the quilt was done.  It is quilted along each strip, and the quilt binding is attached with love - literally - the stitching all around the quilt is little hearts.

I was very nervous for her to open it.  I folded it so that the "Made by Alexis" tag was front and center...

And I breathed a big sigh of relief when she loved it =)

Happy Mother's Day to the woman who has been there for every good and every bad time in my life.  Thank you for the tear-inducing laughter fests, the hugs, the picking me up, the support, the challenges. Travis is lucky to have a Mother-In-Law he loves, and we're so blessed to share time with you.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

Happy Mother's Day, Sherry, and a tiling adventure

Well folks, this weekend has been such a fun adventure-filled weekend with our parents.  I will begin with Friday.  I FINALLY got a grant in at 6:45pm, so we headed out to Sherry's and then to Lowe's to pick up the tile for her shower.  I'm realizing that if I am going to continue post pictures of myself, I'm going to have to start wearing some more flattering "work clothes".  Eh well, in the name of showing our shenanigans… I stood on the flatbed to pull the tile out.

That skinny mosaic tile is going on the entire back wall of the master shower.  Hubby calculated we needed 48 sheets.  I pulled a Mary Poppin's...

And lo, and behold, there were EXACTLY FORTY-EIGHT SHEETS.  It was meant to be (I had to pull them out from 3 sheets deep!).

We also picked up tile for the rest of the shower and the floor, checked out vanities and lights, and had a little improv yoga competition =)

Saturday, we took my parents along on a little adventure to check out Theodore Alexander (we are still holding out hope that a mate for the beside table will show up one day) and run to the tile place in Greensboro.  Sherry still needs tile for the backsplash in the kitchen.  We've been discussing doing a really dramatic show-wall over the kitchen sink.  So, we walked in and saw this: 

I sent her a pic and she fell in love.  We fell in love.  My parents fell in love.  We took the sample with us.  We also took a sample of a backup tile option, which was about half the price, and brick-style tiles in the color I thought would compliment the Creamy Mushroom in the rest of the house as well as bright white.  

Today, we all sat around and put it with the sample of her granite.  Pending confirmation this week, she's going with the beautiful mosaic over the sink and the Creamy Mushroom bricks for the rest of the backsplash.  It's going to be killer.  Since teal is her accent color, we went a little teal-happy with some serving dishes for Mother's Day.  

And she's been asking for a "glug jug" - now we all have one - so that dream came true this Mother's Day!  

Happy Mother's Day to one heck of a fun-loving lady.  I"m so lucky to have a Mother-In-Law I love to spend time with.  You're always there for us, and we enjoy spending time with you.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Easter 2014 - Quite possibly the best Easter ever

I know, Easter was weeks ago.  I am behind, but I have a legit reason!  Hang with me, here.

You know, one of the things I really love about Turnberry Love is our dining room.  It was hand painted by mom, it holds some of our favorite artwork, it displays family mementoes, and it has one very large table that accommodates all of us.  So, we all gathered together for Easter Brunch.  Jared came to church with Mom and Dad (I sang while hubby was in charge of the ham), so we were all together and waiting on Jordan.  We took advantage of the beautiful day and the blooming tulips and caught some really good photos!  

First off, Jared has a beard.  

We were taking photos with multiple phones, so we had a bit of a tough time getting all of us looking in the same direction...  I think Winston was distracted by a car.  Or a squirrel.  Or a crow...

And we managed to get some good pics of Mom and Dad with their babies!

And, of course, Sherry with her baby (and baby she claims).

Jordan showed up a little later - she was working nights and just coming off them, so getting up was tough.  I managed to sneak a pic while she wasn't paying attention, though :)    

On a side note - check out that food - are we lucky to have such great cooks in our family or what!!  Who needs a centerpiece when you've got that?  

And so, here begins my story.  I knew something was up.  I just knew it.  I'd had a dream, and my dreams are getting pretty accurate at predicting these things.  At the March birthday celebrations, hubby was on board with me.  And since we had figured it out, and the way my parents were acting, I thought they knew.  I was so disappointed that they knew and we didn't.  Anyway, at the end of brunch, Jared and Jordan gave mom and dad, hubby and me, and Sherry each a little easter basket.  In the basket was a bunch of chocolates and a large egg.  OMG, I knew it.  But, I wanted to make sure that mom opened it first.  She did, and she let out just a little show of excitement and a huge grin shot across her face.  Turns out she didn't know, after all.  Then I had to run around and give hugs... because, you see...





Easter is the first holiday I ever spent with hubby's family many moons ago, and on this particular Easter, we found out that Jared and Jordan are expecting a little one, due on Grandma June's birthday.  How beautiful is that?  Best.  Easter.  Ever.  This little nugget better get ready to be smothered with love.  Get yo' self ready for me sharing lots of fun baby projects!