Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day, Sherry, and a tiling adventure

Well folks, this weekend has been such a fun adventure-filled weekend with our parents.  I will begin with Friday.  I FINALLY got a grant in at 6:45pm, so we headed out to Sherry's and then to Lowe's to pick up the tile for her shower.  I'm realizing that if I am going to continue post pictures of myself, I'm going to have to start wearing some more flattering "work clothes".  Eh well, in the name of showing our shenanigans… I stood on the flatbed to pull the tile out.

That skinny mosaic tile is going on the entire back wall of the master shower.  Hubby calculated we needed 48 sheets.  I pulled a Mary Poppin's...

And lo, and behold, there were EXACTLY FORTY-EIGHT SHEETS.  It was meant to be (I had to pull them out from 3 sheets deep!).

We also picked up tile for the rest of the shower and the floor, checked out vanities and lights, and had a little improv yoga competition =)

Saturday, we took my parents along on a little adventure to check out Theodore Alexander (we are still holding out hope that a mate for the beside table will show up one day) and run to the tile place in Greensboro.  Sherry still needs tile for the backsplash in the kitchen.  We've been discussing doing a really dramatic show-wall over the kitchen sink.  So, we walked in and saw this: 

I sent her a pic and she fell in love.  We fell in love.  My parents fell in love.  We took the sample with us.  We also took a sample of a backup tile option, which was about half the price, and brick-style tiles in the color I thought would compliment the Creamy Mushroom in the rest of the house as well as bright white.  

Today, we all sat around and put it with the sample of her granite.  Pending confirmation this week, she's going with the beautiful mosaic over the sink and the Creamy Mushroom bricks for the rest of the backsplash.  It's going to be killer.  Since teal is her accent color, we went a little teal-happy with some serving dishes for Mother's Day.  

And she's been asking for a "glug jug" - now we all have one - so that dream came true this Mother's Day!  

Happy Mother's Day to one heck of a fun-loving lady.  I"m so lucky to have a Mother-In-Law I love to spend time with.  You're always there for us, and we enjoy spending time with you.

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Joylynn said...

We have a glug-jug too:) A wedding gift! We call it the "Gurgling Cod" pitcher, and we just used it tonight with our dinner company. Love reading about and seeing your DIY projects!