Friday, May 30, 2014

Update on Sherry's house

We've been busy getting Sherry's house ready for the floors to be finished! Last Saturday, we went back to Greensboro to pick up her tile. It was so exciting, we blocked her out of the kitchen for the mosaic reveal!

Isn't it just something? We were pretty proud. It's level all the way up the wall! Our tile lady, Valerie, calculated very little excess, which made us nervous. We didn't need to be, though!  She was right on. 

Thursday night, hubby grouted the subway tile backsplash (the tile is fieldstone). Tonight, the grout is going up on the mosaic. Yippee!

The weird blue lines are the crummy painters tape I had to use to put up paper to protect the cabinets. 

Meanwhile, Sherry was trying to figure out blinds...

And her friend Richard was putting in the stove...

And before too long, this room started to look like an ultra modern kitchen!

With one happy mother in law =)

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