Sunday, July 27, 2014

The big paint reveal and some minor sewing projects

It's been a while, and our great room has been in various degrees of disaster as hubby has worked around the room, painting the walls and alllllllll the trim.  We've learned a lot.  First, let's remember what this place used to look like, shall we?  This is what we walked into when we very first looked at the house...

And initial painting, keeping that original trim color, left us with this...

Well, #1, don't believe any blog that says you can just prime and then use latex on wood surfaces in your house that were previously oil.  Hubby got done painting those shelves with oil primer and latex paint, and it started popping off.  ARGGGHHH.  It's pricey, but Benjamin Moore makes an alkyd paint that is water-based.  This means it's low-VOC and wifey-friendly!  So, I could breathe throughout this entire process - yippee!

OH, one more thing before the big reveal.  We looked into replacing the slider and side windows.  Hubby wasn't looking forward to painting it.  Renewal by Anderson came out - the quality of those windows is impressive.  And HOLY SMOKES THEY SHOULD BE.  In fact, I believe they should clean my house every day for the rest of their lives.  The door is in really good shape at the moment, and it is a true double-pane.  We decided we ain't fixing what ain't broke.  He painted the door.  Looks brand new.


Seriously, doesn't that sliding glass door look brand new now (and so does the like $8K we didn't have to shell out)?

And that contrast of white and navy is so much prettier...

The glassed cabinet now holds stuff you can actually see (and check out our new fancy knobs!)...


And, hopefully, the other side of the bedroom door looks a bit more organized and less "hey we're trying to hide a router".


 And the front entrance is so much brighter and inviting.

So, if you look closely, you'll see the the couch now has some new pillows.  We found them at Theodore Alexander the other weekend, when we went to show friends around the High Point furniture places.  Well, we found three of them there, anyway.  We wanted to pull the blue in from the kitchen, and yes, I am giving in (for now) and letting Grandma's chair remain blue and salmon...

One of those pillows, though, is an Alexis creation!  I had some leftover fabric from the kitchen and decided to make a couple of pillows.  One is on the couch, and the other is in our chair...


We were checking out some of the other old pillows, and hubby suggested we re-purpose the old grey pillows in a smaller pillow with cording.   I picked up the cording yesterday and got to work today.  This is my first attempt at cording on a pillow. 

I am so proud of myself, I'm even willing to share a closeup of this beauty...


So, we've been busy watching paint dry, which is why the blog has been a little quieter.  We shall see what August holds!  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The doors

If you decide to paint your interior doors, you might as well make sure everyone knows they were painted, right?


And if you paint those doors, you certainly don't want to put the old brass hardware on, right?  Well, we set out to a local place to look at the various options. The guy had less than a personality, gave us a very rough estimate, and then never gave us a quote.  So, we headed to an online search.  We managed to find the hardware at competitive prices, and then hubby called and managed to get a further price match reduction!  They arrived, and he started dressing up those doors. 

And pretty soon, we were in designer territory =)

And to show the before against the after...

Friday, July 4, 2014

Oh good grief...

... mom is so far behind on this thing!!!  Do I have to do EVERYTHING around here? 

Clearly, it's Winston here, picking up the slack (again), with updates on LOTS going on around Turnberry Love.  It's not like mom and dad have been busy or anything.

Where shall I begin?  Hmmm...  Well, let's start with the big announcement.  I'm going to have a non-furry boy cousin!  I found out when mom and dad got back from Daisy's house a couple of weeks ago.  There was a party (which was very overwhelming for my cousin). 

And Jared and Jordan unwrapped a pair of baby Tom's my mom made them.  She wanted to be surprised, too, so she made a pink pair and a blue pair and delivered them wrapped the same way.  Jared and Jordan made a big show of it - it was neck and neck - 50/50 on the guesses of a boy versus a girl.  Daisy was pretty darned surprise to hear she was going to have a baby brother.

Jared and Jordan proudly showed off their new addition's shoes to everyone...

And mom took some fun pics of the Rejeski family's new lineup!

After the party, mom took a few more pictures of Jared and Jordan.  She's a pretty good photographer, don't you think? 

This is Jared and Jordan showing off Jared's first purchase - Air Jordan's, of course!

Baby Boy...

Aren't they just so photogenic?!?

Bump picture!!!

 So, the other fun thing was that mom surprised her mom with the arrival of Aunt Martha the Friday before the party.  Martha flew in for a week of nonstop laughter and shenanigans.  Mom took Grandma to Charlotte shopping on Friday to pick up Martha, and then she took off Monday and brought Grandma and Martha up to the mountains for the day.  They had lots of fun, and have a 16 mile drive through dense fog to commemorate the trip - check it out!

They went to the Moses Cone Mansion and checked out all the local artists. 

They also went to lunch in Boone and shopping in Blowing Rock.  If you think that pen is a little boudoir-ish, you should have seen the girl selling the jewelry!

OK, so meanwhile, while mom has been sewing, etc., dad has been working on painting.  The great room was almost done, so he started on the doors.  Well, he followed all the instructions, used oil paint as a base and then latex... and waited for it to dry.  And waited.  And waited some more.  The doors didn't dry.  So, he did some more research and found out that they probably wouldn't dry.  So, they opted for a "safe" paint stripper.  He got to work... except that darned stripper stripped the doors all the way down to the particle board!

Not quite the shabby sheik they were going for.  They opted to not put doors back to the kitchen and to buy a new door for the closet.  Dad was SO EXCITED that he got to put the door on top of the new car.  

Mom said he was grinning like a Cheshire cat, but she missed catching that in action.  The new door is home, and we're waiting on the last coat and new hardware before it goes back into place. 

 They also have been finishing up Grandma Sherry's house and moved her into it a couple of weeks ago.  More on that later.  I am exhausted just thinking about all this, and I've got to rest up to be freaked out by fireworks in a few hours!  Happy Fourth of July!