Sunday, September 28, 2014

Garden Gnomes

I know, it's been a while again.  It's not that we haven't been busy on the house, it's that we've been busy with life.  I've taken time in the past to write something about our anniversary, but this year, I put down the computer and just enjoyed celebrating the here and now that our anniversary offered.  We've been pushing through life - work, house renovations, race training - at the speed of warp-life.  We needed a little downtime to sit back and just be for a while, before life gets absolutely insane again.  So, we ran away to Seabrook Island last Wednesday.

The sun decided to hide the entire time we were there, but it still afforded us breathtaking views, amazing food, awesome retail therapy, laughter, and a lifting of our spirits. 

While out running, I got to visit with a number of deer, coming within a few feet of some of them - quite an awe-inspiring feeling, being so close without a barrier! 

Winston enjoyed some long strolls on the beach.

We watched lots of "Shark Tank", caught up on some magazine- and book-reading, and I think I fell asleep by 9 or maaaybe 10 every night (yeah, so when I say "we watched lots of Shark Tank," what I actually mean is hubby did while I fell sound sleep on his shoulder). 

We are inspired, once again, to work on the house, and talked about what would be our next projects and how we might accomplish them.  We even visited an artist, who does these birds I love, and commissioned a piece on approval - he sketched out 5 birds (one for each year of marriage) on a canvas for us.  I was so artist-struck, I forgot to take a picture.  Whoops.

Most importantly, we got to enjoy each other's company and the love that makes Turnberry Love so special. 

And then, we got home.  The Garden Gnomes had been to our courtyard! 

Mom and Dad surprised us for our anniversary by finishing up my clean-up job (that had left a rather large brush pile in the middle of the patio after some heavy pruning a few days  ahem, weeks ago) and planting some fall flowers in all the planters!!!  What a wonderful, wonderful surprise.  The photo below looks a little funny because I panned around the entire courtyard.  It looked so amazing, I wanted to try to get it all in.

Winston fully approved of it as well.

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