Thursday, September 11, 2014


One of the things that has been occupying my time these past couple of months was training for another half marathon.  Two years ago, I got this crazy idea to run 13.1 miles consecutively.  In Vermont.  On lots of hills.  It was hot (90+), humid (92%), and every mile felt like it just kept going up, never down.  Well, halfway through, I had an asthma attack.  Thanks to my aunt Martha's company, I finished.

Well, after 2 other half's under my belt, I was ready to go back.  This time, Dad decided to join me.  We trained (me more than him...), and after an adventure actually getting up to Vermont (note police lights... at 1:26am...), we were ready. 

Dad and I got up early and made it to the race just in time to park very close to the start/finish line... and to see the sun rise.

We picked up our race numbers and packed on our gear...

...and soon, it was race time!  We paced ourselves well, and the family cheering section met us around mile 7.  Aunt Martha, true to her amazing form, jumped out of the car and announced she was joining us!  How fun it was to have a memory of running this with her while NOT feeling like my lungs might collapse!  I made them pause for a picture because, really, when are you ever going to have that kind of a backdrop during a race?

Our cheering squad stopped a couple of times along the way - it was always so reinvigorating to see them! 

By mile 12, Dad sounded pretty tired/in pain, but he refused to walk.  He kept trucking along.  And when I ever saw that timer - HOLY CRAP, DAD!  I yelled (sorry, mom, my language is not lady-like after 2 hours of running), WE ARE GOING TO BEAT YOUR GOAL OF 2:20!!!!  Yes, that's right, we shaved over 32 minutes off my last time on this course.  I was on cloud 9.  I think dad was wishing he was just on a cloud...

It is a memory I will treasure forever - a trip with my parents, time spent with family, and a test of the body and mind with my dad by my side.

After the race, we collapsed into various forms of naps in preparation for a celebratory dinner at the Red Clover Inn, where my cousin is Chef!

I only took a picture of one of the appetizers because my hunger got the better of me, but isn't that just scrumptious?

After a short visit, it was time to head home... and refuel the right way - haha - there are only so many options at the airport...

We came home to an awesome dinner prepared by hubby.  He made dinner at my parent's house because he didn't think our house would be ready yet.  I figured all his clothes were on the dining room table because he was busy scraping the ceiling and installing MY CHANDELIER in our closet.  This picture does not even begin to do it justice, but it's the best I could capture.

Alas, he couldn't cook in our kitchen because he also scraped and fixed the ceiling in there!!!  You have no idea how excited I was.  What a weekend.

Here's the kitchen ceiling before...

And the ceiling Sunday...

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