Friday, December 12, 2014


Nothing like the promise of visitors to kick house-fixing into high gear!  When we found out 3 visitors would be coming to see the new addition to the family, hubby went into overdrive.  Finally, I can show you what he's been doing (and what I've been cleaning up) because the house is FINALLY clean enough to show pictures =)

First, we have the table that has been refinished.  I got this from his mom's basement when I moved into Lawndale.  It was in good condition but the finish was rough, so I painted it black.  That paint didn't hold up too well (tip: check to see the base of your paint prior to attempting to wash out an oil based black paint bare-handed in a brand new white sink, kay?), so it lived with a table cloth at all times.  In a breakfast nook with off-white cabinets.

Well, those cabinets are now white (note random colors we've been testing on black cabinets), and hubby stripped that table, stained it mahogany, and sealed it.  It's beautiful and better looking than most of the tables we were considering (which were not cheap by any standards).

Next up, he wanted to make the peninsula a little more fancy so our cabinets looked more custom.  We tossed around putting on beadboard, but that would have required pulling the shoe moulding off and all kinds of adjustments.  Instead, he got some posts and a board and made legs and a skirt for the front of the peninsula (which is now painted the color all our cabinets will be).  Pretty darned talented, if I do say so myself.

The blog has been quiet because, while he's been doing a lot of work, it's been concentrated to ceilings, and, well, sloughing off popcorn isn't super exciting.

But the yellow office is now grey (it looks green on my computer.  Weird.  I need to take daylight pictures, probably...

This is the same room.. looks way more grey.  WEIRD.

While we were choosing a color for the front office, we also chose a color for the guest room.  A week before our guest arrived, hubby took on scraping that ceiling and re-painting.  Talk about down to the wire!  I think it looks great now, though.  Very masculine (which is good, since it's currently Grampa's room) yet soft...

And I've been working a ton, cleaning up, and working on some Christmas crafts.  And decorating for Christmas, too!!!

The stockings are hung by the fire with care!

And even the dining room got a little extra fun this year!

The second tree got upgraded (there are like NO white fake trees around - what gives?), and we sprung for fun lights to go with the Christopher Radko ornaments even though it was a pre-lit tree.

So, that's about it!  Hubby has been working on finishing up renovations at his mom's old house, and we're planning our next, post-Christmas, tasks.  The kitchen cabinets and our bathroom are high on the list.  OH, but before that happens... we're getting new windows!!!  I'm SUPER-excited about that. It's happening next Friday (funny story, they actually called yesterday to do it tomorrow - we had been hoping they'd be done before everyone got here... I actually thought twice before turning them down =) ).  

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