Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fingers Crossed (hubby's title interpretation: OMG you're blogging? It should be "Lazarus rises")

Good Lord.  I pulled up Turnberry Love to discover that my last post was just short of SIX MONTHS AGO.  Well, just when I thought life could not get any more crazy... it did.  What a wonderful blur of life the last 6 months have been.  And I seriously mean that.  Wonderful.  We are so fortunate to have each other and our family and friends and the beautiful Turnberry Love... but fingers crossed... may we be almost ready to move on?

Family here was wonderful - and how special to have a picture of 4 generations?  Grampa was enamored with little Jack-Bo, as well all are =)  It was so special to get to host him in our home while he was here.  He had his own suite!  

And then there was Christmas, and I was sick for New Year's, and Valentine's Day, and birthdays, and  work trips to new cities, and trips to NYC, and puppy snuggles, and baby snuggles - oh the baby snuggles!

And sunny days, and rainy days, and work all day days, and work all night days, and snow days...

And pretty soon, I was running in the Hospice Hope Run...

Which, after trying to ignore the pain for 5 weeks, I am currently sporting "the boot"..

Which has made being helpful at all around Turnberry Love infinitely more difficult.  And while all that was going on, hubby flattened all our ceilings, and while that is very exciting... let's face it, it's not super exciting to see lots of pictures of ceilings.  Oh, and we got new windows, which look great, but again... not very exciting to look at.  And we got gas installed (they're installing our gas water heater next week)... not very exciting.  SO.  I stopped blogging.

And then.

And then, hubby saw a house.  And Lloyd took us to tour it last weekend.  And, well, we fell in love. All over again.  And hubby came home and the next thing you knew...

We were planning to finish our renovation so that we can move.  Because the house we walked into felt like home.  This house has been fun and has been host to so many wonderful and challenging memories, but...  well, so here we are.  De-glossing the cabinets for the 3rd time.  

And picking out tile and vanities, and all things necessary for the final room remodel.  All with our fingers crossed that no one else feels that house we fell in love with = home.  Turnberry Love, work your magic and let us give you the last little bit of love... and be ready to hold the next family with love as we move on... with our fingers crossed.